September 6, 2015

Support Indie Bookstores

Amazon is convenient. You can go and purchase multiple books (as well as other items), and they'll usually all be in stock. Plus, you get free shipping if you're a Prime member. Barnes & Noble has a fair amount of books, so you're likely to find popular titles and perhaps lesser-known ones. 
But neither has the customer service that an independent bookstore does. If you visit an indie repeatedly, the staff learns your name. They figure out your tastes. They love to recommend books. They're always willing to help you find what you're looking for - or order it if they don't have it in stock.
If you're a bookworm, an independent bookstore can feel like your second home. Read Between the Lynes was that place for me for nine years. Arlene, the owner, watched me go through middle school and high school and graduate and become a college student. She saw me graduate from primarily children's and middle grade to young adult fiction. I've watched as many of their booksellers have come and gone. I've met Mia and Nika, Arlene's lovable Saint Bernards. I worked at the bookstore during the Christmas season my senior year. When I started book blogging, Arlene offered me pick of the YA ARCs they receive. I would not be the reviewer I am today, were it not for Read Between the Lynes.

And now, the bookstore is moving. They're only going about a block down on the Woodstock Square, but this is a big change for them. They're currently running an INDIEGOGO campaign to raise funds. And of course, I'm supporting them. Here's the campaign.

I'd love it if you guys support my favorite bookstore, even though I can't go there anymore. To motivate y'all, I'm hosting a giveaway. Anyone can enter, but I'm making the options with the most entries have to do with the fundraiser.

Usual giveaway rules apply!
~This giveaway is limited to the U.S. only. Shipping is expensive, sorry.
There will be two winners.
~You must respond to my email within 48 hours.
~No cheating. I will check.


  1. Indie bookstores are so important and my favorite places to go! My local indie sounds so much like Read Between the Lynes! I love walking into my local store and they always greet me and are right there to help me if I ask! I don't know if I will be able to donate but I will spread the word!

  2. I *wish* there was a small bookstore like this near me . . . no such luck.
    Best of luck to Read Between the Lynes in their fundraising and move!


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