July 22, 2016

Random Friday: Favorite Summer Places

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Hi, everyone! Sarah is back to guest-host Random Fridays again! I'll let her explain this week's topic now.

Hello, everyone! This is Sarah of Dreams and Dragons, and I’m super excited to be guest posting for Emma! This week’s topic (which Emma actually let me choose- that was pretty cool) is favorite summer places. Being in a poetic mood at the moment, I decided to express my thoughts in verse rather than prose.

Part I: Marienville

Leave behind the city;

Leave behind business;
Leave behind hurry and bustle;
And climb,
Up into the mountains,
Up to a little town in the high hills,
Up to a cozy cabin in the green woods,
Familiar as your own home.
Clamber out of the car,
Stretch your arms and legs,
Breath in fresh, sun-filled air,
And relax-
There’s a week of peace ahead of you.

Wake early in the mornings-
Forget plans to sleep in.
Hear the outdoors calling you,
Beckoning to you,
Luring you from your bed to the front porch swing.
While away the morning in dreams-
Sip hot berry tea,
And listen to the morning’s whispering song.

Leave the cabin for the woods;
Trek along well-worn paths and half-forgotten trails;
Trek up, up, up the mountains to the skies,
And down, down, down into the valleys;
Trek ‘til civilization’s far away and you wonder-
Did you wander into the Greenwood by mistake?
Is this still Earth, or have you found the way to Fairyland?

Return to the cabin in the still-hot evening.
Cook your dinner on gas-grill flames;
Cook your dessert over woodfire coals,
Roast marshmallows to golden-brown perfection and eat ‘til you’re satisfied.
Then sit-
Sit and lick sweet marshmallow goo and melted chocolate from your fingers;
Sit and listen to the fire’s pop and crackle and the chirp and rustle of nightly noises;
Sit and watch the shadows wrap the world in mystery.
Let your imagination run-
Fill in the darkness with dreams and what-ifs
‘Til you run-
Back to the cabin
And remind yourself that this is real life, not a story;
Remind yourself that there are no monsters out there;
Remind yourself, but don’t stop imagining.
Don’t stop ‘til you’re curled up in a sleeping bag,
Safe from all but your dreams
And sleep ‘til tomorrow comes
And it all begins again.

Part II: Home
The start and end of every quest,
Here’s the place that I love best.
For in summertime, there’s much to do-
Yet nothing much to wear on you.
Easy walks on breezy days,
Or bike rides down well-traveled ways.
Long afternoons with book in hand,
And imaginary journeys to far-off lands.
Jaunts with family and with friends-
For ice cream and movies before the season ends.
Yes, for a lovely, lazy summer, know:
There truly is no place like home.

Part III: White Sulphur Springs
All my life I dreamed of the valley-
Of Imladris, Rivendell, Elrond’s fair house.
Not once did I dream I knew it already
Until I needed it most, and then it was found.
White Sulphur Springs, my own Rivendell,
My Last Homely House before the unknown.
Deep-set in tall misty mountains,
A refuge where cares neither come nor stay,
A place of many meetings of new friends and old,
A household of wisdom, a stronghold of light,
A defense against the powers of darkness,
And a readying place where travelers weary
Can rest and prepare for the next leg of their journey,
And leave strengthened, encouraged,
And unafraid of what lies ahead. 

What are your favorite summer places? Tell me in the comments, or write up your own Random Fridays post!
Thanks again to all of you for reading and to Emma for having me on the blog! I hope you all enjoyed my poetry!

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