July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

You know, I was just thinking the other day how much fun it would be to share more facts about myself. So here are ten...that I hopefully haven't shared before!

1. History geekery is in my blood, thanks to my parents (my mom taught 4th grade history for several years) - so much so that I love any little bit I can get, from Wikipedia pages on royal families to Who Do You Think You Are?

2. I've never been out of the country, but I hope to change that within the next two years!

3. I've already started a list of picture and board books I'll want to read to my future children, including...
My children are going to be so cultured.

4. I don't spend as much time on Twitter as I used to. This political season has stressed me out, and it's hard to avoid on Twitter.

5. My favorite song from Taylor Swift's 1989 is still "Out Of The Woods." (Although I really love "I Know Places," "This Love," "I Wish You Would," "Wildest Dreams," and "You Are in Love.")

6. I'm really hoping to dress up as Supergirl for Halloween this year. The only problem is, I need glasses, and Kara doesn't wear glasses when she's in costume.
7. I was diligently learning American Sign Language for a few years and then I just...stopped? I really should pick this up again.

8. I've been trying to stop biting my nails for years.

9. I think I'm still figuring out my reading tastes since I still read a fair number of books I dislike. Hopefully I'll figure out what I truly like soon so I can read more 4 and 5-star books. 

(The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
10. I really like art museums. After all, the one in my hometown is where I met Degas's Little Dancer.

So what facts did you share about yourself?


  1. Lovely facts. I'm enjoying this prompt as I'm getting to know the blogger behind the blog! :-)

  2. I love Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams. For some reason it always reminds me of the end of the Bachelor or Bachelorette... which is so lame but I do love that song. And your halloween costume sounds awesome. Maybe you can be Kara when she's inbetween being Kara and Supergirl (like ripping the shirt open with the super suit underneath) or something. Or just be awesomely intellectual with your glasses on too :)

    1. That could be really fun! And easy! Thank you for the wonderful idea. ^ . ^

  3. History is awesome and it's kinda fun how many YA books are inspired by history or take it different directions. And Twitter... yeah it's great sometimes but other times I just need a break. :)

  4. There's nothing like a visit overseas, I think. It completely changed me.


  5. Fun facts! I've also never been out of the country and I would love to learn ASL. Picture books are so fun!

    My Top Ten

  6. Ooh, you're going overseas? Where?
    Also, the idea someone else posted- being in-between Supergirl and Kara- sounds really cool, IMO.

    1. Well I have to go on a cross-cultural as a graduation requirement, so I'm hoping going to Quebec with my parents might count. Otherwise, we're going to try to get me to Europe, but I don't know how that'll happen because my focus right now is getting a publishing internship in NYC next summer.

  7. I also love art museums and history--I'm actually a grad student in history, so I guess that's a given. I would just go for the Supergirl costume--the glasses will make you stand out from any other Supergirls. :)

  8. It's really interesting getting to know fellow bloggers this week! I think wearing glasses with your Supergirl costume wouldn't be so bad!

    My TTT.

  9. My favourite T Swift song from 1989 is Clean but I do love Out of The Woods too! That's cool you were learning sign language, I've starting trying to learn some BSL (British Sign Language)!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/top-ten-tuesday-65/

  10. I hope you get to travel if you want to because I so so want to do more of that. Also I would say yes pick up ASL again. I was teaching myself with a program for a while (most of my friends took it as their language in school but I couldn't as it messed with my one class I wanted more) but it slowly dropped. As for the costume could you do contacts? Even if only for a few hours?

  11. I've never been out of the country either! I would love to travel all over though. I hope you get the chance and soon!! Ugh, I also bite my nails. I would love to stop, but I don't think that will happen. Great list and I love getting to know you better!


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