July 8, 2016

Random Friday: Movie Soundtracks

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I don't know about y'all, but I actually like a lot of movie soundtracks! I'm not talking vocal soundtracks (e.g. Frozen or even High School Musical). I guess a better description would be film score, because that is the technical name. 

As a writer and reader, I like to have a solid instrumental playlist that I can pull out when I'm not working on a specific WIP with its own playlist or I want to read but I need music to block out background noise. I don't read well with lyrical songs playing anymore, since I usually want to mouth along. So I have an instrumental playlist, and it's mostly composed of songs from movies. The 2005 Pride and Prejudice soundtrack is a great resource, as is "Most Agreeable - The Music of Great British Period Drama" (look it up on Spotify).
Overtures from musicals such as Cinderella and Annie work nicely, too. That way I feel almost like I'm listening to the musical, but there aren't any words to distract me. 

If there's a movie you love, chances are its soundtrack/score is on Spotify or iTunes and you can listen to the songs that made you feel all the feels. The Polar Express suite makes me feel nostalgic every time, and "Bundle of Joy" from Inside Out makes me stop and listen. I love that instrumental music can do that. I don't really like a lot of classical stuff, but I appreciate a good film score. I notice when it's used well in a movie (Dead Poets Society is an example of a movie with a ghastly score, however).

So do you notice film scores when watching movies? What are some of your favorite soundtracks? 

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