January 14, 2017

Professor Emma Teaches The Theory of Time Travel and Parallel Universes

Another semester, two more classes I'm teaching at the Bibliophile University! This semester, I'm actually teaching science-y stuff, which is so not my usual thing. But I've found that the science fiction books I love most usually involve time travel or parallel universes, so obviously I wanted to teach classes on the theories of those and how different authors shape the theories for their uses.

First up, the reading list for Time Travel Theories.

Of course there are several other good YA time travel stories, but these seem to be the most solid to me. I also hope other authors will keep writing time travel books.

Now the reading list for Parallel Universes/Alternate Universes. I had a much harder time narrowing down this list because obviously I didn't want to assign too much reading. That's why I also have a couple recommended reading suggestions.

Recommended Reading:
What books would you teach if you taught a more science-y class at the Bibliophile University? (And are there any other classes you'd love to see me put together a reading list for?)

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