January 6, 2017

Rewind to 2016: Favorite Blog Posts

Here are some blog posts you might've missed last year - both from me and other bloggers. Feel free to comment on these older posts; I love to see what y'all appreciate.

January: Seventeen 2017 Reads (First post of 2017 releases I'm eagerly anticipating.)
February: I've Caught the Hamilton Bug (The obsession that has shaped part of my year.)
March: Why I Love The Start of Me and You (one of my favorite books of all time) and Making Time for Reading (a.k.a. how I manage to read so many books and do well in my classes and work two part-time jobs.)
April: Seventeen More 2017 Reads (More 2017 releases I'm excited for, although now minus The Continent because at the time, I didn't realize how problematic and terrible it would be.)
May: That Poetry Thing (I shared some of my favorite poems I wrote for my class this past spring.)
June: Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Joseph-Beth Booksellers (My favorite bookstore, apart from Read Between the Lynes) and Why I Love Since You've Been Gone (I made a lot of playlists for this post)
July: Dear Rising Sophomores (College is a time for learning and sharing lessons, after all)
August: Top Ten Tuesday: The Syllabus of ENG 313 (Literary YA) (Because, while commercial YA is wonderful, sometimes I think the literary-ness of some YA titles is ignored.)
September: So You Like... #33 (Books for my Hogwarts house)
October: Interview with Lily Anderson (One of my favorite author interviews this year)
November: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and New(bery) Reading Challenge (I'm starting two personal reading challenges!)


What types of blog posts would you like to see more of in 2017? What were some of your favorite blog posts in 2016 (both from me and other bloggers)?

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