January 4, 2017

Rewind to 2016: Reading Stats

Welcome to the annual post where I compile all my reading stats from the previous year! Some numbers aren't going to quite add up, and I don't care enough to figure out why.

Number of Books Read
(including DNFs and some rereads)
(not including DNFs and rereads)

Number of Books Reread
If I counted correctly, 78 books.

Pages Read
(DNFs and rereads not included)
Goodreads says 75,598 pages.

Longest and Shortest Books
(rereads not included)
Longest: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 870 pages
Shortest: The Norfolk 17 at 67 pages

Number of Books Read by Genre
(rereads not included)
Contemporary: 79 books
Fantasy: 32 books
Historical Fiction: 22 books
Science Fiction: 10 books
Mystery/Thriller: 15 books
Middle Grade: 28 books
Nonfiction/Memoir: 16 books
Other: 29 books

Number of Books Read by Rating
(rereads not included)
5 stars: 13 books (More than last year at least.)
4.5 stars: 3 books
4 stars: 67 books
3.5 stars: 22 books
3 stars: 66 books
2.5 stars: 14 books
2 stars: 23 books
1 star: 2 stars
DNF: 17 books

Average Rating per Genre
(rereads not included)
Contemporary: 3.1 stars
Fantasy: 3.3 stars
Historical Fiction: 3.1 stars
Science Fiction: 3.4 stars
Mystery/Thriller: 2.9 stars
Middle Grade: 3.2 stars
Nonfiction/memoir: 3.1 stars
Other: 2.8 stars
That "other" rating I blame on all the books I read for school that were SO dry that they made the Sahara look like the Amazon rainforest. At least my contemporary rating went up a little bit, and I want to be even choosier with my contemporary and historical fiction picks in 2017.

Number of Books Read by Publisher
(rereads not included; also, if I read less than 5 books from a publisher, I included it in the "Other" category, barring one exception)
Bloomsbury: 17 books
Canterbury Classics: 4 books
Disney-Hyperion: 9 books
HarperCollins: 35 books
Little, Brown & Co.: 10 books
Macmillan: 23 books
Penguin: 29 books
Random House: 14 books
Scholastic: 15 books
Simon & Schuster: 27 books
Other: 48 books
Considering that last year I read 63 HarperCollins books, and 67 the year before that, this shake-up is quite astonishing. I think it is, in part, due to how much I had to read for school this year, and a lot of those books were from more obscure publishers or imprints at Penguin or S&S.

Average Rating per Publisher
(rereads not included)
Bloomsbury: 3.6 stars
Canterbury Classics: 3.5 stars
Disney-Hyperion: 3 stars
HarperCollins: 3.2 stars
Little, Brown & Co: 3.3 stars
Macmillan: 3.4 stars
Penguin: 3.2 stars
Random House: 2.3 stars
Scholastic: 3.7 stars
Simon & Schuster: 3.1 stars
Other: 2.6 stars
WOW. Some of my ratings plummeted. But like I've said in several posts lately, 2016 was not a great year for books, to be honest.

Number of Books Reviewed
47 books. Wow, that number is a lot smaller than last year. Reviewing has been sort of a struggle for me this year, so I'm not terribly surprised.

Number of Books I Read by Diverse Authors and Books I Read with Diverse Characters
(This category is always a guessing game because sometimes it isn't clear if a character is diverse, and authors don't always disclose their religion or mental illnesses - which I'm not shaming them for; that's their choice to not disclose it. Also, if I read more than one book by the same author, they were counted twice.)

45 diverse authors
63 diverse lead characters (defined by if they were given POV scenes/chapters in the book)
The number of diverse authors I read did go up like I hoped it would, and there are a TON of great-looking diverse reads and Own Voices books releasing in 2017, so I hope this number will increase even more.

Books Read Per Month
(including some rereads; also, for the most part, I managed to never read books over more than one month. You'll see where I couldn't avoid that.)
January: 21
February: 22
March: 28
April: 23
May: 24
June: 39
July: 34 (shout-out to all the childhood favorites I reread this month and last.)
August: 23
September: 20
October: 23.5
November: 19.5 (That half is split with October because we read about half a book for class in October and the other half in November.)
December: 27

I knew I'd read fewer books than I did in 2015. There's a lot more work involved in being a junior, and I always lose a couple months (from mid-November through February) of library books because it's too cold for me to be walking to the boxes. I'm not sure how my 2017 reading year will go. I'm hoping to have an internship away from home this summer, so that'll probably affect how many books I read unfortunately. But we'll see! Best of luck to y'all with your reading goals! And I'm gonna continue to hope that my ratings go up next year. Being choosy isn't a bad thing if it means I'm reading primarily books I end up liking/loving.

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