January 25, 2017

Writing Prompt #13

Ready for another writing prompt? This one is brought to you by a prompt set I found on one of my favorite prompt blogs on Tumblr. The prompt was thus:

"It's what it looks like but with..."
(And then you choose something from this list.)

“Ugh, this TV show looks so lame,” says my best friend, Dora.
“Give it a chance,” I plead.
“Look at the promo picture,” she says, pointing at her laptop screen. The main character, Jules, is posed between two attractive guys, and they all look like the type of actors you’d find on the CW. They’re all supposed to be teenagers, but they’re clearly in their twenties.
“Okay, it is what it looks like,” I admit. “But with Shakespearean references! The show isn’t a direct retelling of any of his plays, but there are a ton of name drops, plot references, and quotes. You’re a drama club kid; you’ve gotta be a sucker for Shakespeare.”
“I am,” she concedes before sighing. “Okay, I’ll give it a chance. Is it on Netflix?”
“No, the first season is still airing. But most of the early episodes are still on the channel’s website.”

Dora goes to grab snacks, and I pull up the website and get comfy on her futon while I wait. This is going to be fun.

So what word/phrase would you choose from the list?

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