September 1, 2017

Random Friday: Hogwarts Houses

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Knowing someone's Hogwarts house can tell you a lot about them. 

I'm a Slytherpuff - two-thirds Slytherin, one-third Hufflepuff (confirmed by taking the Sorting Hat quiz three times). I have ambitions. I am extremely loyal to those I choose and would kill for my friends (or maybe not since murder isn't moral or legal). I'm hard-working and a perfectionist. Slytherpuffs are passionate, and we'll argue until our last breath...but only if we're drawn into a conflict; we tend to avoid it otherwise.

I'm glad Hufflepuffs are finally getting the spotlight via Newt Scamander (who is such a cinnamon roll), but why do Slytherins only get the evil wizards? Why does no one talk about Andromeda Tonks, who was Slytherin but turned out to be good and kind and even married a Muggle? Why does no one talk about Regulus Black, who betrayed Voldemort because it was right, not because of his obsessive love for a girl who wanted nothing to do with him?

I quite love the Slytherin colors, and I'm constantly trying to add emerald green to my wardrobe now. (Besides my Slytherin sweater and lounge pants from Hot Topic.) And I'm telling you, with her ambition and drive and loyalty, Taylor Swift would definitely be a Slytherin.

So what's your Hogwarts House? What's your favorite part about it?

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  1. I actually just started reading Harry Potter, but I've known my Hogwarts house for a while- I'm a Ravenpuff, without a doubt: a lover of knowledge who's absolutely loyal to those whom she cares about.

    Also, even though I haven't gotten very far into the series, I agree with you on the Slytherins thing. (So does the rest of Tumblr and Pinterest, I think . . .)


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