September 4, 2017

Why I Love Don't Touch

While I love a lot of the big YA titles, there are also some #quietYA picks I love with all my heart. Don't Touch is one of those.

Not enough people talk about this book, so that's what I'm here to do today.

1. The friend group
Their personalities really come to life, and I appreciate that they weren't terribly catty. Sure, there was conflict, but it wasn't the same old drama.

2. Caddie's anxiety
In my opinion, it is well-portrayed (although I do not have OCD, so I cannot say for sure). But Rachel M. Wilson wrote it well, showing us how Caddie feels and why she feels that way.

3. Peter and his gentleness
The love interest is great. He's not your typical YA love interest; he's gentle, smart, and kind and genuinely wants to be Caddie's friend.

A big chunk of Don't Touch revolves around the production of Hamlet and Caddie's parallels with Ophelia, which I really appreciated as a Shakespeare geek. (Especially because Hamlet is my favorite.) Caddie even references the Kenneth Branagh adaptation, and there are quotes throughout the book.

So get on it. Buy Don't Touch or request it at your library. Read it and love the quietness.

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