November 24, 2017

Random Friday: Writing

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What have you been writing lately?

I've been working on that daunting 250-page portfolio due during finals week. I found out about a month ago that, thankfully, my professor doesn't need to see everything we've written before it goes into the portfolios. That definitely saves me a bunch of time because I would have to do SO MUCH revision if that were the case. I've been writing like crazy and editing a bit myself, but revising to her standards is ridiculous (especially since she doesn't favor/write fiction at all).

I'm still trekking along with my WIP that I've been writing since last August. I'm trying not to feel bad that it's taking me so long to write it since some of the best books took years. The story has changed so much from what I first thought it would be, which isn't a bad thing. I did a major revision of my three-act plot outline this summer, and that really helped. I think, length-wise, the story is about two-thirds of the way to where I want to be. Maybe three-fourths at this point. 

Something really fun I've done with this book is listen to two different instrumental songs from a TV show and movie over and over again, thinking about how they sound and feel because there's two key moments where they run through my main character's head so I wanted those moments to feel authentic (since she really loves film scores). 

I've done a tone of revision these last few weeks, even though the book isn't even done yet, which is definitely weird. At times, I feel like workshop while the book is unfinished is beneficial because it helps me redirect the later scenes. At other times, I really hate it because this is only a first draft so the book isn't supposed to be seen by anyone but me yet. Like, I know it's not where it needs to be because I'm really just trying to get words down on the paper and figure out the story the characters are trying to tell me.

But hopefully I'll survive. I am very concerned about my sanity these next two weeks.

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