November 28, 2018

New York Adventures, Month Six

Six months???? Has has it been SIX MONTHS since I got here?! November was super quiet, so there's not much to highlight but I still wanted to list a few things. :)


1. More Spot Dessert Bar because I am, apparently, addicted. They had the fall desserts when Sarah and I went at the end of October, so we tried the pumpkin cake and the monkey bread and both were EXCELLENT.

2. Sarabeth's Upper East Side - So cute and home-y feeling. Sarah and I definitely should've split something, though, haha. We got full so fast.


1. I saw Come From Away on Halloween. I enjoyed the narrative and the pacing.
2. Sarah and I went to a mixer thing that Bumble threw in partnership with The Moxy. Jaime King was there, which was probably the highlight.


1. It's getting too cold to do anything, and I'm sad. What are your best NYC indoor activity suggestions?
2. The Met...for the fifth time. But I saw the three new exhibitions (Dutch Masters, Delacroix, and one about jewelry).

Any Christmas in New York recs? I don't want to do anything too touristy though.

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