November 12, 2014

Books Everywhere: a Dorm Room Adventure

I'm a bookworm. I have a book-lover for a roommate. We both knew we'd have to get creative when it came to book storage. We did - but there are still books everywhere. Ready to see where we're keeping our collections?

Up first is my small bookshelf over my desk.
As you can see, on top are Percy Jackson and the Olympians and my Throne of Glass collection (which Heir of Fire and hopefully a hardcover of Throne of Glass will be added to soon). On the bottom, I have four stacks of books. On the left in the back, are The Lunar Chronicles and Don't Touch. On the right in the back are three books I want to read imminently. Fire & Flood is there as an ARC because I haven't read it yet, but I won't be reviewing it, since Hannah already did that. The front left tack are some of my favorites that I want to display.

I use two storage cubes to contain more of my books. The top one holds all of the ARCs I have here at school plus a few extra favorites. The bottom cube is almost full with two stacks of random books. I have no organizational system here, which stresses me out sometimes.

Then I have two storage bins that are pretty full. I still have some room in the bottom one, thank goodness (especially since I'll be bringing books back with me after Thanksgiving and Christmas). Just like with my second storage cube, there's really no rhyme or reason to how I organized these. However, the second bin has my classics and nonfiction books, along with some extras.

Now for Elise's bookcase!
As you can see, she practiced more restraint in the amount of books she brought with her. However, I think she's starting to run out of space. I think we're going to have find more room for Elise's books soon!

Okay, so if you're currently attending college or have since graduated, how did you store your books? Did you run out of room? Or what are you planning to do with your book collection when you go to college?


  1. I can't see Elise's bookcase? But your book storage looks pretty good. *nods*
    Most of my book collection will have to stay here when I go to college. *sighs* I'll have to make like my friend does and rotate out what's at home and what I take with me. When I go, I'll definitely have to get my dad or someone to build me a shelf/hutch thing for my desk and I'll have to buy some of these storage cubes, or else I have no idea what I'll do with my books!

  2. I'm not in college anymore, but to save space, I left most of my books at home. I had way too many to take with all the books I had to keep in my dorm as an English major. (I never sold my books back in case I needed to re-read something from another class... It happened a few times.) I'd take two or three with me at a time, and bring them home to exchange every other weekend. Eventually I started keeping more and more at school, but then it was time for me to move home.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover


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