November 24, 2014

Surviving Fantasy Worlds

It's been proven (I wrote a post about it, see?) that in practically every dystopian future, I'd be a goner. That post got me thinking - Would I survive any YA fantasy worlds?

Throne of Glass series (by Sarah J. Maas)
Hmm...with my luck, I'd get caught up in the crossfire and get killed, or I'd somehow be someone the king abhorred. I'd give myself a 50% chance, though.

The Grisha trilogy (by Leigh Bardugo)
Yeah, um, likely not.

Dorothy Must Die (by Danielle Paige)
Not in Dorothy's Oz, that's for sure.

Splintered trilogy (by A.G. Howard)
Depends on which world I'd be in. Wonderland? Heck, no. Plain old Texas? Hmm...until Wonderland invaded, I'd say probably a good 99% chance.

Princess Academy series (by Shannon Hale)
I'd say my chances are pretty good. The people of Mount Eskel take care of each other.

Deep Blue (by Jennifer Donnelly)
I haven't thought this one over very much. For those of you who have read Deep Blue, what do you think?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (by Rick Riordan)
Most quizzes place me as a daughter of Apollo or Zeus. With the former, my chances aren't too terrible, but I think I'd probably die during the course of the series. With the latter, lol, no. I wouldn't survive at all.

Snow Like Ashes (by Sara Raasch)
Hmm...I'm not entirely sure what kingdom I would live in. This book has solid worldbuilding for Winter and Spring and I feel like I got to know Cordell pretty well, but I'm interested to see the rest of the kingdoms and figure out where I'd be from. I think that would determine my chances of survival.

Stray (by Elissa Sussman)
I am, unfortunately, just rebellious enough that I likely wouldn't be a proper lady, so I'd be redirected to the fairy godmother life, which I think I'd utterly fail at.

Okay, so what about you? What would you guess your chances of survival in these various worlds would be?

1 comment:

  1. Throne of Glass series: meh. I'm good at staying unnoticed and out of trouble, so I'd probably make it. If I had anything to do with the rebellion, it would be in a very background sort of way. And ideally I'd move as far as is humanely possible from Adarlan.

    Princess Academy: I'd totally survive.

    I haven't read the rest, so . . . yeah.


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