November 28, 2014

Why Do I Buy a Book?

There are multiple thought processes that go into buying a book for anyone. Some can go to a bookstore and say, "Oh, this looks interesting! I think I'll buy it!" I am not one of those people. Here are the reasons I buy a book.

#1: I've read previous books in the series/previous works by the author.
If it's a series I enjoy, of course I'll buy the newest releases. Also, if it's an author whose works I've enjoyed enough to know I'll like whatever he/she writes in the future, I'll buy those books too before reading them.
Think Cress and The Nightmare Dilemma.

#2: I've read an ARC of the book.
If I read a book for review and really enjoyed it, of course I want a physical copy. Now, this doesn't always mean I'll buy the book immediately after its release (case in point, it took me eight months to acquire Being Sloane Jacobs), but it does mean I want it for my shelf.
I could also include "I borrowed the book from the library and liked it enough to buy it" under this reason.
Think On the Fence, The Kiss of Deception, and Wish You Were Italian.

#3: The book has come highly recommended, and trusted bloggers have given it good reviews.
I rarely buy a book I haven't already given a test run (whether e-galley, library, or one of the reasons from #1). So for me to buy it before reading it, it has to have good reviews from friends and it has to come highly recommended.
Think The Falconer and Magnolia.

#4: I'm feeling especially daring.
There are some books I'm dying to read, and I never got an ARC, or I haven't seen a lot of reviews, or my library would takes ages to get it in. So I'll go ahead and buy the book and hope for the best. If worse comes to worst, I can always sell it or offer it for trade. Thankfully, most of my recent risks have paid off.
Think My Faire Lady, Wildflower, and Illusive.

So why do *you* buy a book? Is it for one of the reasons above, or do you have an entirely different one? Let's talk!


  1. I also buy books because of the cover or a hooking synopsis- but mainly hearing about other blogger's reviews.

  2. I usually buy books only when I really, really loved it; or, if it's the next book in a series I love. I've never bought a book that I haven't/know absolutely nothing about...but I'm a little tempted right now, cause there's a Peter Pan retelling called Second Star and my library doesn't have it. Have you heard of it?

    1. I have. It hasn't gotten great reviews in the blogger community, and apparently there's a love triangle and a lot of drug use.

  3. I buy books for all the reasons you listed and if it has a gorgeous cover. The only reason I picked up Shatter Me (the paperback) and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was because the cover caught my eye. From there I read the synopsis and it caught my interest enough that I just had to buy it.

    Alexandra @ SleepsOnTables

  4. My main reason for buying books? I read it and liked it enough that I want to own it. Second main reason is that it's from an author who I love (think Anne Elisabeth Stengl) and who I KNOW that WHATEVER the book is, it'll be awesome. Third main reason (and this one is pretty rare, though not entirely) is if everyone I know who's read the book says it's really good and I really want to read it but I don't think my library will get it in.

  5. I've bought books because I've seen great reviews from other bloggers and they've been busts for me. I'll just sell them to Half Price Books or Amazon if that's the case.

    I also buy books if I love the author or if it's something that I'm dying to read.


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