November 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Need Their Own Books

I had to think long and hard about this topic. There are a lot of secondary characters whose POVs would be intriguing, but I don't think they always need an entire book or even a novella.

First up, Captain Carswell Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. I know he got a short story in the back of the Target edition of Cress. BUT I'd really like to have a novella or book about a random adventure of his, perhaps after the events of the series and everything has calmed down.

2. Nehemia
You know, the princess from the Throne of Glass series? She's still such a mystery, and I'm dying to know about her and her past.

3. Sloane
Since You've Been Gone is easily one of my favorite books of 2014. But it was entirely Emily's side of the story. I'd like to delve into her BFF Sloane's head.

4. Trinity
In The Art of Lainey, I can say, without a doubt, Micah's little sister is my favorite character. I loved that we got to know her a little better in Micah's novella, Infinite Repeat. Still, I could easily read a whole book about her.

5 and 6. Bex and Liz
Why? Because I want more Gallagher Girls, but I have this feeling Cammie's story is over. But I totally want to read more adventures starring Bex and Liz.

7. Finnick Odair
I know we learned more about his history, but I'd really like to hear about his first Hunger Games from him and anything before that and why Annie became so important to him. *tries not to cry*

8. May Singer
May is that adorable, lovable younger sister from The Selection trilogy. Since we're getting an e-novella from Marlee's POV, there definitely needs to be one about May.

9. Eleanor of Aquitaine
Ok, I know she's an historical figure and all, but she is such a cool and important character in Lady Thief. A.C. Gaughen totally needs to write a book about a young Eleanor. 

10. Isaac
What happens after The Fault in Our Stars? Like with Cammie, I think Hazel's part of the story is over. But I'd like to see life from Isaac's eyes now (pun intended).

So what about you? What characters do you think need their own books?


  1. Yes to Carswell Thorne and Nehemia! Both characters I love. Especially Nehemia. My heart.

    Finnick would be interesting as well. I also saw Haymitch on someone else's list today and I think his story would be fascinating. Maybe a story from their time in the games??

  2. Going on an epic book adventure with Thorne sounds incredible. Like why can't we just have a collection of novellas about everything he did? Or like him telling the story in the future about the past. It wouldn't be completely reliable but so much fun.
    Oh Nehemia. I love her so much.
    I didn't love TFIOS but I do want to know what happened to Isaac or just about his past. That pun! *pats you on the head*

  3. Nehemia! Yes to her! She seemed so fabulous and I want to know more. Also, just like you, I picked Sloane from Since You've Been Gone as well!

  4. YES! Thorne needs his own book :-)
    A book on the back story of Finnick would also be awesome! Great list!

    Em @

  5. Sooo many I agree on: Carswell Thorne, definitely Finnick Odair, May Singer, and a thousand times yes to Isaac. I also agree on Bex and Liz, although I would like to also see more Macey.

  6. I wasn't a big fan of TFIOS, but I agree that Isaac's perspective would be interesting. He was the character that probably interested me the most and I'd like to see how he copes after the events of the book.

  7. Also picked Finnick and Nehemia, and I didn't even think about Isaac but that's also a great choice!
    Rachel @ the NerdHerd Reads


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