November 7, 2014

Random Friday: Favorite Season

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Today's post was such a fun one to do, because I had three different people besides me contribute to it. As you can see, the topic is your favorite season, so I found three people whose favorite seasons are all different. Now you're about to find out why they're our favorites. :)

Emily ~ Winter
Winter is my favorite season because I feel like everyone is more positive and joyful around that time. You get to see family, friends, and everyone tends to be in a good mood. I also live in Florida, so that good mood may have to do with the fact that winter is the only time it's slightly cooler outside. 
The general holiday spirit is so fantastic. Gift-giving, family fun, and, if you're a Christian like myself (or if you are religious in any way), it is a great time for celebration. Even if you're not religious, the holidays are still fun. 

I particularly love to sit down and read in the winter. Hot tea and a great book are really all I need in winter time. Breaks from school + cold weather + holidays + books = happiness. 

Emma ~ Spring
Spring is definitely the season that makes me the happiest. I love that the weather is warming up (usually; Illinois is a fickle state), and that I can finally wear super cute clothes again, and that all the trees and flowers are blooming again. Warmer weather means I can go outside without a heavy coat and boots. It means I can go to Starbucks and order a passion tea lemonade instead of hot cocoa or apple cider. It means I can sit outside with my schoolwork or a book. And I really can't wait to experience my first spring in Kentucky. I visited my school in April 2013, and everything was so pretty then. I can only imagine spending every day here, surrounded by God's magnificent creation. Spring is just the season that makes me happiest.

Chris ~ Summer
Of all the times in the year, there are none quite like summer. Summer is a thousand different feelings and memories that transcend the three month space to which they were confined in my formative years, and goes far beyond the parameters of the calendar. It is simply more, everything from the brisk sunrise to the sleepy twilight and all the moments in-between that seem to last a lifetime. Summer is bare feet and scraped knees, running further and faster than you would at any other time. It is fireworks and long nights lying in the grass, sharing laughter and wondering which one is the little dipper. It is walks in the park under the shade of the weeping willow, with thoughts spoken like secrets in the late afternoon. It is dreams in all that they can be, dreams that are so much greater because the world is full and the world is alive when it is summer. It is love that is iridescent and beautiful in all the ways that it is one thing and another and always changing. It is smiles and hands and moments and life beyond all the words that would try to wrestle it down and preserve it on a piece of paper. It is a respite of stillness in a symphony of chaos, when creation slows down for everyone to see it, and understand why “alive” is such an incredible word.

Sarah ~ Fall
I love all seasons, more or less, but fall is probably my favorite. It's one of the prettiest times of year, with the leaves turning to bright red and yellow as if wanting to die in a blaze of glory. But the main reason I love it has nothing to do with nature. No, I love fall because it, more than any other season, is when things happen. It starts with fall fests through October, though my family doesn't go to nearly as many of those as we used to. Then there's Halloween, though my family doesn't do trick-or-treating. Instead, we go to Chuck-e-Cheese with a few other families, costumes optional. 
And once Halloween's over, it's November, the most exciting month of the year for me. It's NaNoWriMo, which keeps me busy (almost) every spare moment with weaving plot twists and character arcs for whatever novel I'm working on. My birthday's in November, and that almost always means my grandpa will come down to visit. And, of course, there's Thanksgiving- usually celebrated with a potluck with our Bible Study- and the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree goes up and preparations for that holiday begin. With all that going on, is it any wonder fall is my favorite time of year?

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