November 3, 2014

The Sweet Scent of Books

Have you ever thought about what scented candles themed after your favorite books would smell like? I got to thinking about that awhile back and realized it would make a great blog post. Now, I'm not saying all these candles would smell great, but I definitely think they hint at major things in the books.

The Lunar Chronicles Collection

So what would candles for Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress smell like? How about motor oil, antipasto (or tomatoes), and desert sand?

The Percy Jackson Collection

If Percy knew about this, he'd think I was pretty crazy. But can't you imagine PJO candles that smell like the sea, pine trees, and blue raspberry?

The Throne of Glass Collection

I could see Celaena Sardothien appreciating candles that are chocolate cake-scented, book-scented, and death-scented.

The Selection Collection
(yes, I'm laughing about that rhyme)

This one was a bit harder to do, but I came up with two The Selection trilogy scented candles. How about strawberry tart and pennies?

The Princess Academy Collection

So if you've read Princess Academy, what would you expect these candles to smell like? Well I thought of stone, goats, and miri flowers. I expect that the first two wouldn't sell well.

The Art of Lainey Collection

Ah, Lainey. I'm sure she'd want some girly-scented candles, but I decided on...a pancakes-scented candle, a coffee-scented candle, and a soccer-scented candle (it would likely smell like grass and sweat).

And last but not least...

The Being Sloane Jacobs Collection

This one was perhaps the hardest, but I think an ice-scented candle would definitely be reminiscent of Being Sloane Jacobs and I also think a poutine-scented candle would be awesome. (Not really. Please realize that most of these ideas are purely ironic.)

So that's it for my book-themed scented candle collections! Thoughts? What other book series would you want to see scented candles for?

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