May 17, 2015

It's Not a Man

It's not a bird.

It's not a plane.

It's not a MAN.

I'm kind of obsessed with superheroes these days (and yes, I blame the book I'm writing). But I'm especially into well-written, well-rounded superheroines. Because as much as I love princesses, I also love young girls being told they can save the world.

This past week, the first trailer for CBS's new show, Supergirl, was released.

It immediately got a lot of backlash because it seems too much like a "rom-com" or like the SNL parody of a Black Widow movie. I know next to nothing about the comics, so I'm going to trust a lot of YouTube commenters, and Twitter commentators, and Tumblr bloggers who said this: Supergirl is supposed to be more optimistic, more cheerful, and lighter.
And truth be told, it's refreshing. Don't get me wrong - I love The Avengers, but sometimes, especially these days, superhero stuff is very gritty and dark. I'll take sunshine and a girl with powers who accepts them and doesn't bemoan her talents. Plus, I think there's going to be a strong sister focus, and her female boss seems to be pretty strong and empowering, and the rumored/likely love interest is black. 

I am so excited for this show, more than you guys could ever know. So I'm just going to share some gifs of my favorite moments from that trailer (in case you don't have time to watch it since it's like 6 minutes long).



i’m not over this shot, and i don’t think i’m going to be over it for a very long time.because everyone’s seen this shot.  Superman pull open his shirt to reveal the not-S.  i’ve seen it a thousand times, it’s kind of iconic.but not everyone’s seen a woman do it.  and it matters to me to see a woman tear away her civilian clothes so she can protect people.i’m getting a tv show about a girl who can fly.

The thing that gets me is that every other time I’ve ever seen a woman rip her shirt off, it has been in some way about the woman as the object of beauty and desire. This is very clearly and intentionally not that. It would have been very easy to make it some mix of badass and hot, but instead this is just badass.

(Look at that little sunshiney smile. Optimistic superheroes are the bomb.)

(You go, Kara.)

(I know people are picking on the costume, but I love it. Feminine, but appropriately covered [so many female superhero costumes show an unnecessary amount of skin, particularly for someone who's fighting crime] and fairly safe too. Apart from the cape. I love capes, but Edna Mode pointed out the hazards of them.)

(Look at her go!)

I couldn't pick just one gif from this set, so I'm going to link to where I reblogged it on my Tumblr. All the points to Cat Grant.

And give Supergirl a chance. I agree that a little more racial diversity is important, but that trailer was literally only the pilot (and maybe the second) episode. They still have to film most of the episodes. Plus, we're already seeing what looks like a strong female role model. And isn't that what young girls today need?


  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I mean, yeah, I think there was one point in the trailer that I was like "oh I hope this doesn't become too silly," but THIS IS AMAZING. Everything. Her attitude, optimism, her adorableness, the girl power, the supporting characters, the fact that she told her best friend so that we're not kept in this "tell him!" phase. This show better not be canceled.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you're so enthusiastic about this too! I am going to make my mom tape the show and I'll try to watch it live, too (since I'll be at school). It really better not be canceled.


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