May 8, 2015

Random Friday: OTPs

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OTP stands for One True Pairing. It's a bit of a fandom term, used for that one couple you'll ship until the end of time. I have eight.


1. Swanfire (Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy from Once Upon a Time)
I no longer watch OUAT because they killed my ship and I won't go into this giant rant, but I believe Emma and Neal should've been endgame. After all, what's more romantic than a Lost Girl and a Lost Boy who find a home with each other?

2. Celaena Sardothien and Chaol Westfall (from Throne of Glass series)
Guys, I feel like my ToG ship has sunk, but I'm still holding onto the hope that they'll get more than the heartache that was Crown of Midnight.

3. Paige and Max (from The Start of Me and You)
I see a bit of me in Paige, and since Max is my dream book boyfriend, they obviously have to be one of my OTPs.

4. Michael and Mia (from Princess Diaries)
And I know book bloggers will get on my case, but I ship the versions of them from the movie. I've never read the books. But I'm pretty sure movie Michael and Mia were my first OTP before I even knew what OTPs were.

5. Levi and Macallan (from Better off Friends)
I love best friends to something more stories and Levi and Macallan are perfect for each other with their banter and interests and how they just get each other.

6. Cinder and Kai (from The Lunar Chronicles)
Totally my favorite TLC ship (although it's yet to be seen if Jacin and Winter will change that). It took them way too long to get together, but I do like slow burn, so... I won't complain.

7. Hale and Kat (from Heist Society)
More banter and slow burn. Plus, they just fit together so well.

8. Darcy and Jess (from The Mother-Daughter Book Club)
Basically, they're why Pies & Prejudice is my favorite MDBC book. (Well, not really.) They're one of those ships that I'd go down with, though.

So who are your OTPs or favorite ships?


  1. I love movie Mia and Michael too and wish that they would have extended their relationship to the second film as well. Book Mia and Michael are awesome too!

  2. My post is coming in about fifteen minutes . . . none of these made my list, though Cinder and Kai came close. (I've already decided I like Jacin and Winter best, based on what I know of Jacin and what we see of them in the Winter sneak peeks. They DID make it onto my OTPs list.)
    I firmly believe that Celeana and Chaol will either come into port (or whatever the correct term is for a ship that succeeds) or they'll both die. I'm not sure which yet.


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