November 6, 2015

It's Time

When I started college, I figured I'd have problems keeping up with my blog. But last year was a breeze, so I expected this year to be the same. I was wrong. So I've come to a conclusion. I told myself I'd never take on a co-blogger, but it's time. I've decided I need to bring a co-blogger on board just so I don't feel pressured to post at least five days a week. Sure, I could cut back, but I don't feel right doing that. At least, not yet. If I don't find a co-blogger, I'll cut back. But I'd rather try this first. So, if you're interested in blogging here at Awkwordly Emma, please fill out the form below. I hope to find a co-blogger through this post and form, but be forewarned that I may not choose anyone. I have very high standards of what I'm looking for, so it won't be because there aren't great candidates. I just want to make sure whoever comes on board is up for this and we'll actually be a great blogging team. So...if you're still interested, fill out the form below. I'll probably close the application time in about a week, give or take.

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