November 30, 2015

Emma's Study Tips

Hello, lovely readers! Finals are next week for me, and I'm sure tons of other college students will have theirs soon, too. Here are my tips for during finals week.

1) Your friends may try to convince you to forego studying. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Studying for finals is actually important. Most of them can make or break your overall grade for the class.

2) BUT if your friends are telling you that you've studied as much as you can (and you've studied for hours), listen to them and take a break.

3) Find the place where you study best. The library is usually too distracting for me, so I stay in my room or try to claim my unit's study room before anyone else can.

4) Make sure you have plenty of water/coffee/tea and snacks so you can stay focused.

5) Additionally, make sure you have all the things you'll need for studying - notes, notebooks, textbooks, study guides, sticky notes, flash cards, Quizlet, highlighters, etc.

6) If you study better with music, make sure you've got that playlist set. Don't choose anything you'd rather dance to.

7) Get sleep. No matter what anyone tells you, running on five hours of sleep total for two to three days is not healthy.

8) Like I said before, don't over-study. Your brain will implode.

9) Your school might have some fun events to help their students get through finals week. Plan your studying around those so you can go and release some stress!

10) Take movie-watching study breaks. Don't take book-reading study breaks. You've done enough reading for your classes.

11) Figure out what works for you. The above advice are all things that work for me, but everyone is different. Good luck conquering your finals!

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