November 13, 2015

Random Friday: Crafting

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When I say crafting, what do you think of? Are you a crafter? Crafting takes many different forms, and my personal preference is cross-stitching (which is a form of embroidery). What I lack, though, is the patience and ability to do counted cross-stitch which means I'm severely limited in what I can make, since I'm stuck with the slim selection of stamped cross-stitch kits.

But, I've found some nice options! I did a "Home is Where the Heart Is" one for my Secret Sister from last session, and I've completed two others since. The ones I have to work on now are huge so they'll take me quite a while to do. I've looked at some other options, though, for once I finish these. I found some on Amazon; they're mostly Disney-themed, which is fine by me.

The one thing I love most about cross-stitching is that it keeps my hands busy while I'm watching TV or a movie. Unless I'm in a theater, I'm usually unable to sit still and stare at a screen for the duration of a show or movie. But cross-stitching gives my hands something to focus on, and it's not terribly hard so I can watch something at the same time. Last spring, when I was bingeing Veronica Mars, I finished, like, two whole cross-stitching projects. It was great.

So, if you're a crafter, what do you make? Or, if you're not, is there a craft you're interested in picking up?


  1. I knit, as you might know- like you, I do it largely to keep my hands busy while I'm doing other things. I'm currently working on a capelet for my sister. 'Tis fun. Though I need to find a smaller project soon; this is the second one that's involved long rows. :P


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