December 20, 2015

All the Christmas Retellings

I'm a sucker for all things Christmas. And I will read all the Christmas romances that sound good. But do you know what I think there needs to be more of? YA/MG Retellings of classic Christmas movies/ballets. I'm about to list four that I think are especially deserving.

The Nutcracker
I've always loved this ballet. It needs a good, proper YA retelling.
And, yes, I've read Winterspell but I wasn't a fan at all (which is very sad). It was too dark and twisted for my tastes. I need a good, happy Nutcracker retelling.

White Christmas
Can't you just imagine the sister relationship? YA needs more good ones. And the inn! That would be such a great setting.

It's a Wonderful Life
Genderbent maybe, or not. It doesn't have to be. But imagine the character growth. And the main character could be in college or in their senior year of high school, and the Bailey family could just be modified so that Mary is the love interest still (just the protagonist's spouse), and the children are, like, siblings. Or maybe the main character is one of George and Mary's children.

Miracle on 34th Street
This is the only one of the group that I think would need to be a middle grade retelling. But how fun would it be?!

So....thoughts? Which Christmas movies would you like to see book retellings of?


  1. Yesyesyes White Christmas retelling! I love that movie, and it would be awesome retold. If done well, anyway . . .

    Also: I kind of want to write a story based on the Nutcracker music . . . but not a Nutcracker retelling; a completely different story, but with each chapter/scene/development (something like that) inspired by a different piece.

  2. Oh I love the nutcracker! A re-telling would be amazing!!!

  3. I loooove The Nutcracker and I too was horribly disappointed by Winterspell, which is weird because I love dark & twisted tales. I'm trying to remember what my issues with it were, but I'm drawing a blank.


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