December 18, 2015

Random Friday: My Room

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I technically have two rooms I could discuss in this post - my dorm room and my room at my parents' house. Both aren't very neat... I try to be a tidy person but I usually fail. I'm not a complete slob, though, and I try to limit my messes in my dorm room so my roommate doesn't have to deal with it. I've seen too many students who were over-the-top messy and it drove their roomies crazy.

Y'all have seen my bookshelves at home in a post I did back in August, but I'm gonna show them off again.


(I actually took a successful panorama. xD)

(You can't see this in the panorama above - it's to the left of the far left window. It's a little nook that I've put my third bookcase in and some wall knick-knacks.)

(My reading corner. <3)

(We finally hung my EMMA wall art over Thanksgiving.)

(My bookshelf pride and joy. Also, Mockingjay Katniss has joined Elsa and Sif in guardianship of the bookcase.)

So that's my at home room. Here's parts of my dorm room!

(My very messy desk. And this is actually sort of clean...)

(Look at this beautifully tall closet! It has so much more space than my closet last year.)

(And this is part of my bed. We have our beds positioned in an L shape so mine is under my roomie's. It's very cozy and my lamp on my dresser/nightstand casts a very warm glow.)

So those are my rooms! What does yours look like? Is it big or small? Do you share it with a sibling? Do you have a lots of bookcases?

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  1. Oh my goodness, your room is gorgeous! I especially love that wall color, and the bookshelves, and picture of Taylor on the wall (see? I noticed). My room is tiny, so I couldn't possibly do any of this.


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