December 7, 2015

Professor Emma Teaches Worldbuilding

It's time to announce another of the classes I'll be teaching in the spring at the Bibliophile University:

Worldbuilding Through Science Fiction and Fantasy

I really wanted to teach this as two separate courses, but the university wanted it to be one. So I had the impossible task of narrowing my book choices down to four my students will actually read, and then the ones we'll read excerpts from, and then what's left will be recommended reading. I think this class is more aimed at writers than readers because I would have my students practice worldbuilding themselves after reading the books and excerpts.

Required Reading:
Excerpt Reading:
Recommended Reading:

So is this a class you'd be interested in? What books would you have liked to see on the syllabus? (And also, I'm still interested in what classes you'd like to see taught at Bibliophile University.)

1 comment:

  1. I know you haven't read much by Tolkien or Sanderson, but the two kings of fantasy worldbuilding should definitely be represented here- either as excerpt reading or recommended reading.
    I would still totally take this class, though. :D


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