May 5, 2017

Random Friday: Organizing Your Bookshelves

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How do you organize your bookshelves?

Mine at home are organized in three ways: genre/age range, alphabetically by author's last name, then series/publish date chronology. 

I keep my classics, middle grade, and other miscellaneous classifications separate from my YA books, which make up the majority of my collection.

Then, no matter their age range/genre, my books are organized by an author's last name. I think Renee Ahdieh's books are the first on my bookshelf, and Amy Zhang's Falling into Place is last.

After that, if I have multiple books by the same author, I don't shove them in willy-nilly. Series are organized in order, of course, but if an author has multiple series or has only written standalones, then I organize them by publication date. Sense and Sensibility goes before Pride and Prejudice, the Gallagher Girls series goes before the Heist Society series, and The Lunar Chronicles go before Heartless, for example.

I admire the aesthetic of books sorted by color, but it would personally drive me insane, and I'm not sure I could be in the same room as someone else's rainbow bookshelves for very long. I always wonder how those people find anything, and I also like the idea of keeping an author's books together.

I used to organize my books further by sub-genres, but then a few authors, including Kasie West, had their stuff separated because they've written books under a few genres, so I couldn't tolerate that for too long.

Have you used multiple organization methods before? What do you use currently? Tell me about your bookshelves!

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