October 12, 2015

Dear Emma

Dear Emma of 2011 and 2012,
You've been blogging for four years now. Crazy, right? And you'll never believe what your little blog has become. You have over 200 blog followers now and over 700 Twitter followers. Your blog has over 100,000 views. Oh and your posts aren't so random and chatty now. You've run a book blog for two years!

I wish I could tell you what to do, to prevent those cringeworthy posts that I pretend don't exist. But I wouldn't be here without them. I would tell you to work on those post titles. Try and make them more professional but still fun. I love how much you posted about Sunny. It's good to look back at those posts when I'm missing him.

Dear Emma of 2013,
I'm so glad you started book blogging. My eyes have been opened to so many new books, and even though I'll never get to all of them, it's a delight to have so many options. You know, instead of rereading MDBC, Canterwood Crest, and the 39 Clues for the umpteenth time. (Although I should reread the MDBC series over Christmas.) Just you wait and see what books are in store for you in the next two years! You're going to find so many new favorites, and meet so many authors, and make so many connections.

Also, good job at writing more professional posts! You also wrote some great stuff during NaNoWriMo. And congrats on getting to work on a bookstore over the Christmas season! Maybe someday soon, I'll be working at one part time...

Dear Emma of 2014, 
You're going to start college this fall. Do you know you're going to Asbury? It's going to be one of the best and most challenging experiences of your life. You'll meet some great (and some not-so-great people), and you'll grow so much. You're going to become a more confident, kinder young woman, and I can't wait for you to realize that. God does some wonderful things in your life in 2014, and I hope you remember to praise Him through all of it.
Also, just you wait until 2015. Freshman year was totally a breeze.

Dear Emma of 2015,
I love how you still thought you'd have PLENTY of time for blogging and reading. You're a sophomore now with more classes in your major and minor. *pats shoulder* It's not so bad; you also have a blossoming social life and you're working more hours (so yay for more money) and you're going to be assistant stage manager for Sophomore Musical. Sophomore year may not always be easy or fun, but you're going to love being back at Asbury, I promise. 

Emma of October 2015

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  1. This nearly made me cry-- especially the part to 2012-2013 Emma. I loved being virtually right there with you in those cringeworthy times, and knowing you're a sophomore in college now is mind-blowing. I hope we can get in touch because I think it would be really really cool to reconnect with you. With love, Paige from WI c:


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